Taking Back Our Space

Help Us Turn Ad Space Into Art Space

If you think the world could use less ads and more art then help us as we crowdfund the purchase of 3 billboards to donate to 3 emerging Miami artists. These boards will be on display in high traffic areas from early October through early December, allowing the artists to share their work with the entire city and the thousands of visitors that will come to Miami for both iiiPoints and Art Basel. It is our goal to give local communities easier access to art and artists from within their city, and everyone a more inspiring environment in which to live and work.

Help us make this project a reality by contributing to the campaign and taking advantage of some great perks, sharing the message with your friends online and off, and choosing which artists get awarded with one of our billboards below. Thank you so much for all the love and support you've shown along this journey.

Pick The Winning Artists

We are so fortunate to be working with such an amazing group of talented artists. We will have 3 billboards available, so we need your help in deciding who gets them. Check out the great roster below and vote for your favorite. Voting will be open during the crowdfunding period, and then the 5 highest vote getters will meet with our selection committee where the final 3 will be granted the opportunity to share their talents on a massive stage. You only get one vote so make it count, and tell your friends to make sure their voice is heard too so you can see your favorite artist's work up in the sky.

For any other inquiries, ideas, or support efforts, please email us at info@AdBombing.org